PlannerX Bookmarklet

Good news! You no longer need to remember PlannerX site address or login to a separate page to use PlannerX. Our bookmarklet allows you to open PlannerX right within your Basecamp page. It’s as easy as clicking a button in your browser toolbar and saves you a lot of back and forth. It’s also safe and secure.

Here’s how it looks:

PlannerX Bookmarklet in action

Here’s how it works

  • Add PlannerX bookmarklet to your browser using links below.
  • Then when you are on a Basecamp page, click PlannerX link in your browser toolbar.
  • PlannerX will be added as a new tab on Basecamp page and load automatically.
  • If you see login forms, login. Select “Remember Me” option on login forms and it will take you straight to PlannerX next time onwards.
  • PlannerX also understands the project you are currently working on in Basecamp. And will open that project for you when you click PlannerX in browser toolbar.

How to activate PlannerX Bookmarklet?

Firefox & Google Chrome

FirefoxChromeDrag this link to your toolbar: PlannerX


SafariDrag this link PlannerX to your toolbar.
(Note: PlannerX opens in a new popup window for Safari users.)

Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerRight click this link: PlannerX
Choose to “Add to Favorites”. Select “Links”, “Favorites” or “Favorites Bar” as the folder.

(Note: If you are warned that the link is “Unsafe”, continue by pressing “Yes”. You will be shown a Security Warning when you click on the PlannerX bookmarklet. Click “No” and continue here. Clicking “Yes” will not let PlannerX open.)

Here’s a visual guide to setting up PlannerX with IE8. click on thumbnail for larger view

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript that lets you quickly perform an action. They are typically stored in browser’s favorites / bookmark / links bar. Just like you open your favorite website by clicking on it in your Favorites bar, you load PlannerX within Basecamp by clicking its name in your Favorites bar.

Read more about bookmarklets in this Wikipedia article.


Our bookmarklet was inspired from the Countdown bookmarklet. And was coded by Malay Ladu.