Jet Speed Combo – Tickets Plus with Quickify and Tabinator Pro

Imagine this:

  • Posting a comment and changing ticket’s workflow status by clicking on it’s workflow status from Recent Activity stream
  • Viewing all Ticket details, editing them, posting comments, tracking time – all without going away from your current screen
  • Experiencing the joy of super speed and power in your current activeCollab setup!

That’s just a glimpse of what’s possible when you use Tickets Plus with Quickify and Tabinator Pro. The results are mind blowing!

And we’ve worked out a special deal for all our customers!

Jet Speed Combo Special Offer

Click here to buy the Productivity Bundle from activeLabs for only $149

Already have Quickify / Tabinator Pro?

If you already have Tabinator Pro / Quickify, you can download the latest versions via the Members area on – and get in touch with Nathan – – he’d be happy to work out something special for you. :-)

Cool, isn’t it?

Post a comment here if you like this integration. And even if you don’t!

We’ll get back to building innovative products that get your projects done in the meanwhile!