acGarage Pro

Managed upgrade and maintenance service for activeCollab core, modules, hacks and themes

acGarage Pro: kaizen for activeCollab upgrades and housekeeping! acGarage Pro is the first and only comprehensive upgrade, development and housekeeping service for activeCollab. It provides continuous improvement for your activeCollab setup, managed by Apps Magnet experts.

The term kaizen (Japanese for “improvement”) is a Japanese word adopted into English referring to a philosophy or practices focusing on continuous improvement in manufacturing activities, business activities in general, and even life in general, depending on interpretation and usage.

When you signup for acGarage Pro, you give us FTP access to your activeCollab server and tell us what modules, themes and hacks you want to keep up-to-date. From there on, our smart upgrade system will keep pushing the latest versions to your server. Our experts will ensure that everything works. What would have taken you 100+ hours a year, is now possible in just 2 minutes. What may have taken $2000, is now available for just $199.

acGarage Pro gives you

  • Ongoing upgrades of latest stable releases of activeCollab, set up on your server by our experts (you need a valid activeCollab license 😉
  • Verified, automatic upgrades to third party modules, themes and hacks we support
  • Routine housekeeping tasks to keep your system clean
  • Incremental Backup support
  • Peace of mind!

acGarage flow

Three Components: upgrades, backup and housekeeping

acGarage Pro has three components – upgrades, backup and housekeeping. acGarage Pro is designed to simplify upgrades and system administration with activeCollab. We want you to focus on managing projects, not activeCollab!


We will upgrade your activeCollab core, custom modules, themes and even hacks. You subscribe to acGarage Pro, and we take care of doing upgrades (you’d need valid licenses for the products to upgrade though!!). It’s that simple.

Incremental Backup

activeCollab’s default backup system is slow and takes a lot of disk space. Instead of taking backup of the full system, acGarage Pro adds an option to take incremental backups – backup only what’s changed. This significantly reduces disk and processor consumption. Making everything a lot more manageable.


acGarage Pro will automatically perform routine system cleanups and maintenance. This may include emptying the trash, deactivating passive users or projects, and completing child items whose parent is complete. Just set your housekeeping preferences on acGarage and it will carry them out every month.

Focus on managing projects, not activeCollab

activecollab release history

activecollab upgrades - once a month

Did you know:

  • activeCollab releases a new versions almost every 45 days.
  • Apps Magnet releases nearly 3 updates to various products every month
  • Manually performing a single upgrade takes anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours
  • Newer versions pack a lot of useful features and security / bug fixes.

Want to learn more? Have some questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions. You can learn more about how acGarage Pro automatic upgrades work from here.

A customer pre-ordered, and was extremely happy

Before launching acGarage in 2009, we mentioned in a forum post on activeCollab that we plan to release an upgrade service for activeCollab. To our surprise, one customer pre-ordered acGarage (before we even named the product or finished working on it!) Here’s what he had to say:

I think I want a signup link :) for the upgrade service… why don’t you let me be your first client?

Landon Shipman, iDzynes Response Pro Marketing

We upgrade his aC installation and he was extremely happy. He said: Looks most excellent!

We are thrilled by acGarage Pro actually. It’s been saving ton of time and money for over 100 customers for over two and a half years. We are sure it can save you hours of time.


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