Apps Magnet Auto Updater

Apps Magnet Auto Updater

Automatic updates for Apps Magnet modules

Apps Magnet Auto Updater helps you keep your activeCollab installation up to date. It checks for new versions of our modules and can automatically update them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Apps Magnet Auto Updater work?
    When you set it up for the first time, you enter your Apps Magnet login information and select a method for file uploads (Direct, FTP or SFTP). Once that’s done, the Auto Updater checks with our repository once a day (via daily scheduled tasks) to see if there are any updates to your installed products – or if there is something else you’ve purchased. If updates are found, a notification is shown on the homepage for administrators. Administrator can come to the Auto Updater settings and click a button to install all available updates.
  • I do not have cron / scheduled tasks running. Will this still work?
    If cron / scheduled tasks are running, Apps Magnet Auto Updater can check for updates automatically. If they are not setup / running on your server, you can check for updates manually by going to Apps Magnet Auto Updater option under activeCollab admin and clicking on the “Check Now” button.
  • I do not see updates for all my third party modules. But I know there are new releases.
    Apps Magnet Auto Updater checks new releases of only Apps Magnet products. So if you don’t see a module in the upgrade list, it’s mostly because it was not developed by Apps Magnet.
  • What information does Apps Magnet Auto Updater send to your server?
    Apps Magnet Auto Updater sends a list of installed modules and their versions to Apps Magnet server – along with your Apps Magnet login details to authenticate. It does not send your server / license details – or any data from your activeCollab installation.
  • Can Apps Magnet Auto Updater download and install upgrades for me?
    Yes, Apps Magnet Auto Updater can automatically download, unzip and install modules for you.
  • Can I use Apps Magnet Auto Updater on multiple servers?
    Yes, you can use Apps Magnet Auto Updater on as many servers as you want.
  • My server is behind a firewall / under a VPN / intranet. Will Apps Magnet Auto Updater work with it?
    Apps Magnet Auto Updater needs to check with our server on the Internet to find if there are updates available. As long as your activeCollab server can make outgoing HTTP connections, Apps Magnet Auto Updater will work.


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