Add custom CSS and JavaScript to activeCollab. Change background / UI / add features… Take control and change whatever you want!

Do you want to change how activeCollab looks? The background color, fonts, icons or other UI elements? Do you want to add new functionality to activeCollab purely in JavaScript? Or alter how something works?

Bespoke lets you add any custom CSS and JavaScript to activeCollab. You have full freedom and control to override activeCollab’s built in CSS / JavaScript and you can do wonders with this!

Match activeCollab’s background color to your own branding easily

Paint activeCollab with your own colors!

Track activeCollab usage and behavior via Google Analytics with custom JavaScript

Browse Bespoke Snippet Gallery to get code snippets to change background color / font, integrate with Google Analytics and more..

Bespoke lets you add custom CSS / JS to activeCollab. You’d need to know what CSS / JS to write to get your desired functionality! We try to provide a few samples so that you get a headstart. But then you got to take it forward!

Also note that recent versions of activeCollab added a way for you to change branding colors. If you just want to change colors, we advise you use activeCollab’s built in feature.


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Single Site

Impact Area

Team Collaboration, Administration, Third Party Integration

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Product Type


Compatible With

activeCollab 3, activeCollab 4, activeCollab 4.1

Current aC3 Version


Current aC4 Version


Current aC4.1 And 4.2 Version



Bespoke 4.1 [2013/12/11]

– activeCollab 4.1.4 compatible version

Bespoke 4.0 [2013/07/30]

– activeCollab 4 compatible version.

Bespoke 3.1.2 [2013/05/13]

+ Was not able to load bespoke javascript file.

Bespoke 3.1.1 [2013/03/29]

+ activeCollab 3.3 compatibility release.

Bespoke v3.1 [2012/08/14]

+ Bespoke now works with Clean URLs (Clean URLs with aC3)

Bespoke 3.0 [2012/06/11]

Initial release.

+ Add custom CSS and JavaScript to activeCollab
+ Bespoke Snippets for changing activeCollab background color and integration with
Google Analytics (