Comments Plus

Make comments confidential or private. Pin them at top for easy reference. A must-have activeCollab module for teams.

Control Comment Visibility

Control Who Sees A Comment

Collaboration and communication is essential for project success. But you don’t want everything visible to everyone. activeCollab allows making tasks and discussions private – accessible only to owner company members. But this level of control is insufficient in many situations.

Comments Plus module for activeCollab 4 gives you full control over who can see a comment. You can make a comment private – visible only to owner company members, confidential – visible only to people you specifically give access to, or normal – visible to everyone who has access to the parent task, discussion or page.

Pin Important Announcements / Info

Bring Attention to Important Items

If you or your client shared critical feedback, you’d want it to be visible to team members at all times. Unfortunately, once you have more than ten comments on an item in activeCollab, it becomes increasingly difficult to track and manage important conversations.

Comments Plus module lets you pin important comments at top. Pinned comments are always shown first. This means team members can easily notice them and can refer back to them easily. You can even pin frequently used information like access details, meeting / call times or contact details. Think of pinned comments as “sticky notes”!!


Main Benefits

  • Discuss confidential matters – billing, credentials etc – with client without involving team members
  • Carry out internal conversations that clients can’t see
  • Involve only selected people in a task / discussion / file / page
  • Keep useful information handy in a task / discussion / file / page

Use Cases

  • While we are talking about a task, I want to get approval on time and cost from the customer. But don’t want team members to see it. With Comments Plus, I can mark a particular comment as confidential and only have the client see it and reply to it confidentially.
  • In a support ticket, I want to send a reminder to my internal team. But don’t want the client to see it. With Comments Plus, you can mark a comment as Private, and it will be visible only to your internal team.
  • I want to post server access information on a task, want it easily accessible useful information handy. Make a confidential comment and pin it to top. This way only certain people see it and it’s available right below the task description.

Comments Plus keeps a list of “people who can see confidential comments” at the project object (task, discussion, page) level. Once somebody posts a confidential comment in an item, only people who are on this list (and project administrator or administrator) can see these confidential comments. Only people who can see a confidential comment, can make changes to the list of “people who can see confidential comments”. This way assignees or subscribers will never get access to a confidential comment – unless they are specifically allowed.


Who can see Private comments?

Only members of owner company can see comments marked private. Clients can’t see them – even if they can see the parent task, discussion, file or page.

Who can see Confidential comments?

Only people who are explicitly given permission to see confidential comments within a task, discussion, file or page can see such comments. You can include members from owner company, clients or any other members of the project on a confidential comment.

How does it compare to Private Comments?

USWebStyle’s Private Comments module (sells at $75) lets you post private comments on project objects. Comments Plus does that and gives you even additional control with “Confidential” visibility level. Comments Plus also lets you pin important comments at top.

If you were already using Private Comments, you can safely install Comments Plus. When you install Comments Plus, it will preserve all your old private comments. Uninstall Private Comments module after you have installed Comments Plus and you’d be good to go!

How does it compare to Confidential Items Module?

Our own Confidential Items module allows you to make entire Task, Discussion, file or Page confidential – only selected people can see confidential items. If an item is confidential, its comments become confidential too.

Comments Plus solves the need where you don’t want the parent item to be confidential, only comments within it. And it adds more features to comments. As a matter of fact, both Confidential Items module and Comments Plus module make a great combo!

Does it work with Tasks Plus Module?

Yes! Comments Plus can be particularly useful when you use the support helpdesk features of Tasks Plus. When you want to discuss something internally, just mark a comment as private and clients won’t see it!

Does it work with activeCollab 2 / 3?

Not yet. Comments Plus works only with activeCollab 4 for now.

Decide the visibility of the comment and whether to pin it while posting a new comment. The “envelope” icon before people list lets you manage the list of people who can see a confidential comment.

A pinned confidential comment

Comments Plus Private and Confidential Comment

Private, Confidential and Pinned Comments

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Confidential Subscribers
Add / Remove people who can see confidential comments. Only people in this list can manage the list itself (or project admin / administrator!!)

In short, Comments Plus will feel like the missing piece of a puzzle…

Comments Plus - best of aC comments and then a lot more...

100% Money Back Guarantee

Warning: activeCollab does not approve of this module!

Comments Plus was rejected by activeCollab team because it adds functionality that’s different from how stock activeCollab works, has potential for confusion, and uses an integration method that activeCollab no longer wants to support.

We’ve made this modules with great care though. We believe it solves problems for real life collaboration situations. Go ahead and buy the Privacy Bundle if you need this functionality, but be aware that we are crossing into “red zone” with activeCollab here!

Comments Plus is available exclusively in the Privacy Bundle. It’s not sold separately.


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Additional Information


Apps Magnet


Single Site

Impact Area

Team Collaboration

Useful For

Teams, Project Leaders, Project Managers

Compatible With

activeCollab 4, activeCollab 4.1, activeCollab 4.2

Current aC4 Version


Current aC4.1 And 4.2 Version



Comments Plus 4.2.4 [2015/02/23]
- Now, templates are sorted in ascending order in predefined replies drop down and also load predefined replies when user select it from drop down.

Comments Plus 4.2.3 [2015/02/21]
+ Now, templates are sorted in ascending order in predefined replies drop down.

- Change default charset from utf16 to utf8

Comments Plus 4.2.2 [2014/12/30]
- Drop comment templates table on uninstall

Comments Plus 4.2.1 [2014/12/25]

- Predefined reply drop down shows multiple times when user clicks on "Leave a Comment" button multiple times.
- Predefined reply now added at cursor position in comment area.

Comments Plus 4.2 [2014/12/18]
+ Highlight client's comments
+ Added Comment Template feature. Now, user can easily post a comment with 
the help predefined reply.

Comments Plus 4.1.1 [2013/12/12]

- Fatal error: Declaration of FwComment::attachments() must be compatible with & IAttachments::attachments()
- "Query failed with message 'Column count doesn't match value'
- "Query failed with message 'Duplicate column name 'cp_visibility', if once installation failed

Comments Plus 4.1 [2013/12/11]

- activeCollab 4.1.4 compatible version

Comments Plus 4.0.2 [2013/10/24]

- Fixed "Fatal error: Call to undefined method NotebookPage::getVisibility()"
- Fixed "Call to undefined method ProjectRequest::getProject()"

++ Tested with activeCollab 4.0.13, 4.0.14 & 4.0.15

Comments Plus 4.0.1 [2013/10/05]

+ Visibility of comments remains same after creating a projects from Quote or Project Request.
+ Message added to understand the visibility of Private comments.


- CSS changes for UI fixes
- Fatal Error: Call to a member function "getProject()" on a non-object 
- Subscribers list was creating confusion while making private comments
- Module was restoring the comments of uninstalled module from backup on re-install. (i.e. Notebook)

Comments Plus 4.0 [2013/09/20]

+ Initial Release:

- Make a Private and Confidential comment.
- Pin comments (keep useful information at the top of comments list)