Incremental Backup

Incremental Backup

Optimize server and disk usage with incremental backup

activeCollab’s Backup module performs full backup every day. If you have many projects, project items and files the backup can take huge CPU load on your server. Keeping multiple copies of the full backup (default is five and least is three) will also consume large disk space on your server.

We had hundreds of projects and users. Our backup was 4GB. Doing a full 4GB backup every night, slowed down our servers tremendously. Ultimately, we had to stop backing up. Which is really a bad choice.

So we created Incremental Backup

You won’t have hundreds of files added to your activeCollab setup everyday. Incremental Backup copies only those files that have changed to the backup. This significantly improves backup performance and drastically reduces disk space usage. Apps Magnet’s Incremental Backup takes the full database copy and incremental backup of the files. This provides you the most optimal and secure data backup for activeCollab.

With incremental backup, we have restarted backup on our production server, and it’s running happily, every day now :)


Not backing up activeCollab data?

If not, you should! You may have a backup facility with your hosting company, but activeCollab’s Backup module collects all of your activeCollab data in a portable form in a single folder. This is great for offsite backup, moving servers or deploying a local test server.


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