Latest Comments First

Latest Comments First

This product is no longer available for purchase. Recent versions of activeCollab (2.3.4 onwards) already include this functionality.

This activeCollab hack allows you to see comments in reverse chronological order (latest first) for discussions, tickets, pages and files.

It ensures comment numbering and permalinks work. We have also included an administration panel to enable this hack only for selective modules.

Comments on discussions, pages, tickets and files are a great way to communicate. They facilitate collaboration and lets the team provide their feedback. activeCollab shows comments in the order they were posted. So if you have a long list of comments, you have to navigate to the last page to see the most recent comment.

This hack solves that problem. Here’s what it provides.


  • Shows comments in reverse chronological order (latest first)
  • Support for discussions, tickets, pages and files modules
  • Preserves comment numbers and permalinks.
  • Shows Post Comment box at the top of page for discussions.
  • Administration panel to select which modules to enable reverse chronological comments for.


Latest Comments First in Discussions (click to enlarge)

Where to enable Latest Comments First?


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