Zen of Planning – Outline, Gantt Chart, Cards View and Awesome Assignment filters to plan and execute your projects faster. 5 times productivity!

Planning Module is a breakthrough in project planning with activeCollab. It cuts down all distractions and lets you focus on planning, updating and completing your projects..
Outline Mode

Quick Project Planning and Management with Outline

Here is what you can expect from the Planning module.

The Zen of Planning - avoid repetition, stay focused, get more done

Planning Module lets you work as you think. It removes distractions and makes it easy to carry out batch updates. Planning module shows your entire project plan in a single screen. You can review and update milestones, tasks and subtasks from the same screen. It is designed to boost your productivity with activeCollab. Our studies have shown at least 5X improvement!

Birds eye view of project plan

Planning module provides three view modes – a tree like Outline viewCards view to focus on level 2 items and Timeline view to see the Gantt chart of your project. You can focus on items you wish to work on and can edit any part of the plan. You can even see multiple projects at once in the Timeline view.

Additional Assignment filtering options

Apart from project planning and managing, Planning module also helps you get things done. With our enhancements to Assignment Filters, you get additional filter options, can group tasks up to four levels, see everything you need to do on a single page, and quickly complete / edit / track time on tasks.

Quick and easy editing

From within the Planning module, add / update and delete milestones, tasks, pages and sub-tasks. You can even promote or demote item levels – e.g. convert a milestone into a task, or a sub-task into a task. You can drag and drop items, complete / open items, change their priorities & visibility, add estimated efforts, assignees, start and due dates.

Designed to save your time and money

We added lot of smarts to Planning module to save you time and money! Estimates, Assignees and Dates will auto expand, Completed and Overdue items will show differently, Text Import allows magical plan creation by typing or pasting text, Options allow you to restrict what fields show up, Filters allow you to narrow down work items. We encourage you to explore and discover these little gems!

Estimates, Workflow Status, Batch Updates, Category Templates and more...

Planning module adds a lot of useful features to activeCollab. We have added category level templates for Tasks. This lets you add a predefined structure to your descriptions. Batch Update allows you to edit multiple items at once and is full of smart tricks to save you time!

Rather old, but still useful overview of Planning Module

Intuitive Project Planning, Adjustments and Management

The most striking element of Planning module is it’s intuitive spreadsheet like Outline view. You can navigate your project plan with keyboard, adding or editing items as you move along. Smart auto completes, estimate totalling, promoting and demoting items (Tasks to Sub tasks, or Milestone) and lots of other carefully implemented features will make managing your project plan a delight.

Planning module not only saves time, it gives you great sense of control over a dynamic project plan.

Batch Update items easily

Batch Update items easily

Project Gantt Chart - combine multiple project for an overview

Project Gantt Chart – combine multiple project for an overview

Cards View in Planning Module

Cards View in Planning Module

Feature Overview for Planning screen

  • Plan your project as you think!
  • Excellent keyboard shortcuts and productivity enhancements.
  • Add / Edit plans inline in an easy spreadsheet like view.
  • Batch update your projects:
    • Set Start Date
    • Set Due Date
    • Complete
    • Set Estimate
    • Set Assignee
    • Set Subscribers
    • Visibility
    • Priority
    • Category
    • Status
  • Export and Import Plan as CSV or XML.
  • Assign multiple resources to Tasks or Milestones.
  • Card view of Tasks for quick review and story boarding.
  • Timeline – Gantt chart view of each project and ability to see multiple projects in the timeline.
  • Print project plans.

Assignments Plus – Getting things done!

Planning module does not stop at planning! We’ve even included a ton of improvements to Assignment Filters that’d make it a lot easier to keep track of your work and get it done.

Assignments Plus

Assignments Plus Task Filtering and Management

Additional Grouping Options for Assignment Filters

Additional Grouping Options for Assignment Filters

Feature Overview for Assignments Plus

  • List all the Tasks, Subtask, and Milestones as assignments.
  • Edit or delete task, subtask or milestone from the list.
  • Live search to quickly find an item.
  • Four level grouping with many useful filters.
  • Smart “schedule” grouping and due date filters (for example: “Due on in next 10 days”)
  • Track time and add estimate on object right from the list.
  • Improved, easier user interface and design.
  • Export assignments to HTML and CSV.
  • Complete / reopen tasks from the list.


Permissions and Settings for Planning module

Permissions and Settings for Planning module

Planning module: 5 years, 2000+ customers, still our best selling product

100% Money Back Guarantee


Additional Information


Apps Magnet


Single Site

Impact Area

Project Management, Getting Things Done

Useful For

Individual Users, Project Managers

Product Type


Compatible With

activeCollab 2, activeCollab 3, activeCollab 4, activeCollab 4.1

Current aC2 Version


Current aC3 Version


Current aC4 Version


Current aC4.1 And 4.2 Version



Planning 4.3.4 [2014/12/03]
+ Improve Mizen.
    + Added signature in comments for support ticket
    + Highlighted client's comments. Now, easily check client's comments.

- Javascript syntax error in Mizen.

Planning 4.3.3 [2014/05/08]
+ Assignments Plus filter includes "private filter" option.
+ Now, assignments can be filtered on project labels.
+ Now, change of Assignees, Labels, Status of a Task appear instantly in Mizen view.
- Autocomplete functionality was not working properly while adding task from Mizen view (fixed).

Planning module for activeCollab 4.3.2 [2014/04/21]
+ Search task from task list in Mizen
+ Add task from Mizen

- User was not able to select options to update task in assignments plus filter view.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.3.1 [2014/03/15]
- activeCollab 4.2.5 compatible version.

+ Now, able to update Status, Assignee, Label and Category while commenting through Mizen
+ Attachments are now visible in Mizen
+ UI improvements  

+ Assignment filter dropdown were not display if filter return empty result.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.3 [2014/03/07]

+ Edit subtask in Mizen
+ Change Assignees, Label of a task from Mizen
+ Added jump to task feature
+ UI improvements

+ Workflow status was blank when export plan into CSV(fixed)

Planning module for activeCollab 4.2.4 [2014/01/29]

+ Tasks were not display in Mizen view if filter contains tasks. 

Planning module for activeCollab 4.2.3 [2014/01/28]
+ Improve group functionality.
+ Now, you can make a comment using editor
+ Add subtask on task using Mizen.
+ Now, administrator can set permission to different roles to use Mizen

- Fix "Failed to assemble 'project_task_tracking' based on provided data" error when tracking module is not installed.
- Resolve javascript related issues.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.2.2 [2013/12/27]
+ Add comment support in Mizen.
- Fix error "syntax error, unexpected '['" in Assignments Plus filter.
- Fix javascript bug in Mizen.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.2.1 [2013/12/11]

- Compatible with aC 4.1.4

Planning module for activeCollab 4.2 [2013/12/05]

+ Added Mizen(beta)
+ New Icon for Planning Module

Planning module for activeCollab 4.1.1 [2013/10/07]

+ Added filter option Due on "in next number of days" filter.
+ Compatible with aC 4.0.13
+ Fix typo.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.1 [2013/09/04]

+ Added 4th level of grouping
+ Added option to show/hide paper background in Assignments Plus view
+ Now can group by "Project Leader"
+ UI Improvements. 

+ When Subtask converted to task through planning module, visibility set to private automatically. 

Planning module for activeCollab 4.0.1 [2013/08/06]

- Fix "Invalid plan outline: error.

Planning module for activeCollab 4.0 [2013/07/29]

- Initial activeCollab 4 compatible version.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.2.3 [2013/06/06]
- Fixed filter return empty result for "Include Time" option when subtask is in Assignments list.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.2.2 [2013/05/21]
+Add Estimted and Actual time in assignments list.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.2.1 [2013/04/24]

- Fixed "class AssignmentFilterConditionError not found" error.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.2 [2013/03/29]
+ Merged Assignments Plus module with Planning module
+ activeCollab 3.3 compatibility release.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.6 [2013/02/05]

- Private items was visible by user who doesn't have permission to see private objects
- Print outline was giving an error.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.5 [2013/01/18]

+ Estimate was only shown for the default job type
+ Fixed "Invalid XML" error when save a plan.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.4 [2012/12/17]

- Actual hours were not displayed.
- Task was not complete/reopen if Tasks Plus module is loaded.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.3 [2012/09/27]

+ Added print support for Outline

- Start on date not saving while creating a new task
- Tasks were not included in CSV Export
- Default label not set after creating a task
- Tasks were reopened automatically
- Not able to scroll down to end of the plan

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.2 [2012/08/10]

Fixes Planning module not visible in Firefox issue.

Planning module for activeCollab 3.1.1 [2012/07/20]

Recommended upgrade.

+ Planning module auto fits browser window now
+ Complete / Reopen create activity logs
+ Position of items will be saved only when changed
+ Assignees and subscribers are now handled more in line with activeCollab

- Start dates not saving
- Planning module tab not being visible on installation
- Planning module permissions not working
- Assignee / Subscriber name autocomplete not working for initials

Planning module for activeCollab v3.1 [2012/07/15]

+ Cards view added for managing Tasks / TodoLists
+ Planning module can now work even when Time & Expense Tracking module 
  is not installed
+ If Subtasks have more than one assignees, they will be subscribed as well
+ Estimate editing in Outline now works only for Tasks
- Fixed: Error saving plan when project did not have any sub tasks
- Fixed: Estimate not saving 

There may still be some issues, so if you notice any problems, please send them
to with as many details as you can. Thank you!

Planning module for activeCollab v3.0.1 [2012/07/03]

Fix for "Invalid Plan Outline" error on fresh install of Planning module

Planning module for activeCollab v3.0 [2012/07/02]

First beta version of Planning module for activeCollab 3.

Basic editing works, but there may be bugs. Do report any problems you notice 
to us at

Position saving does not always work
Extraneous changes - editing a completed item's name will update the completion date / completed by person as well.  etc.
Cards view is not enabled yet
Category templates can't be managed yet
Localization is not yet enabled
Quick Start help not yet available
Workflow does not change to closed / reopened when changed from Planning
Print does not work
Estimate editing - works in milestones, should not
Start on dates for Tasks can only be edited from Planning module, not from Tasks screen

Planning module for activeCollab v1.8.1 [2012/08/14]

- "Unknown response from server" while saving plan.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.8 [2012/05/09]

- ActivityLog creation failure with quotes in user's name
- Translation updates

Planning module for activeCollab v1.7.4 [2012/01/16]

+ Fixed: Subscribers not added on Tasks.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.7.3 [2011/08/19]

+ activeCollab v2.3.4 compatibility version. 
+ Items created by people who can't see private objects will be normal now.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.7.2 [2011/07/18]

- Fixed the unrecognized tag item_priority issue in printing the plan.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.7.1 [2011/05/13]

Fixed an issue during upgrade. Also fixed Confidential Items compatibility.

NOTE: Please configure access privileges to three sections within Planning
module after installation / upgrade from activeCollab Admin -> Planning.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.7 [2011/05/12]

Enhancements and bug fixes. Also refer to Tickets Plus 1.5 release notes.

	+ Limit what sections users can see within Planning module - Outline,
	  Cards or Timeline. Now you can give clients access only to Timeline.
	+ Estimates / Actual Hours can now be seen in numeric format within
	  Planning module. Select this from the Settings menu at top right.
	+ Force update parent estimates even when their existing estimates 
	  are greater than the sum of estimates of children. Select this 
	  from the Settings menu at top right.
	+ Brought back maroon color highlight on overdue items
	+ Rescheduling a Milestone now correctly adjust start dates
	+ Adjustment to fonts for better Unicode support

	- Error when saving a plan
	- Expand All does not expand all on reload
	- outline.png image missing from Quick Start page

Planning module for activeCollab v1.6.1 [2010/12/23]

Minor bug fix release.

	- Actual Hours not included in CSV export.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.6.1 [2010/12/23]

Bug fix release.

	- Could not complete tickets from Planning module. Fixed.
	  Thanks to Jody Botham -
	- Milestone dates were messed up when created from Template 
	  Project. Fixed. Thanks to Student Express for reporting this.
	- Added method setResolution() for backward compatibility
	  with AC 2.3.1 or earlier

Planning module for activeCollab v1.6 [2010/12/14]

Minor fixes, separation of Tickets Plus and minor enhancements. Also 
dropping support for older versions of activeCollab. Planning Module
now requires AC 2.3.2+

IMPORTANT: Ticket Plus Module is no longer included in Planning Module. 
Please install it separately.

	+ Separated Tickets Plus from Planning Module
	+ Tickets Plus: Live search on Tickets List view
	+ Tickets Plus: Added In Progress workflow status
	+ Tickets Plus: Workflow names and CSS associations updated, so 
	  you can now easily change workflow status labels
	+ Tickets Plus: Quick Update now only changes responsible person
	  so other assignees are preserved
	+ Tickets Plus: Enhanced List and Print views

	+ Full screen mode: Planning Module can now fill your entire
	  browser screen via Full screen mode.
	+ Added support for Confidential Items Module: You can now make
	  items confidential from Planning Module itself.

	- Milestones were created as Private for Private Projects
	- Cards view search function was broken. Fixed.
	- Tickets Plus: Drag and drop did not work in tickets list
	- Notifications said "Created" when the item was updated

Planning module for activeCollab v1.5.1 [2010/08/27]

Hot fix release. Fixes error in creating Timeline.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.5 [2010/08/23]

Bug fix and enhancements release.

	+ Tickets Plus v1.1 included. Adds colors to workflow statuses
	  and updates workflow status and project progress status 
	  correctly now.

	+ Deleting an item from Outline view now asks for confirmation.
	  You can select "Always" to hide this prompt in future. Can
	  also update this setting under Settings menu on top right.

	+ Percentage complete in Gantt chart now falls back on using
	  number of completed child items if estimated / actual time
	  are not available.

	+ Uses Tickets Plus configuration file for workflow status information

Bug Fixes:
	- Fixes issue where if user did not have update right, Planning
	  module did not work.

	- Changes in Card view were not saving in some cases. Fixed.

	- Private items were showing in Planning module even if the 
	  user did not have access to them. Fixed.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.4.1 [2010/07/24]

Minor bug fix version.

Bug Fixes:
	- Saving project plan did not update progress bar
	- Milestone created as Private for Private Projects

Planning module for activeCollab v1.4 [2010/07/16]

This is the long due update to Planning module! It fixes many issues and
adds lots of enhancements.

This version includes files for both AC 2.3.1 and AC 2.3 (or below, 
upto 2.1). Please use files for your AC version.

	+ Print from Outline and Card views
	+ Full localization support. You can now even change names for Tickets,
	  Milestones, Tasks etc in Outline / Card view
	+ Works with activeCollab Small Biz edition too
	+ Updated icons - added colors! Let us know how you like this!
	+ Tickets listing in AC can now show details with single click, 
	  assignees, due dates along with category icon, workflow status
	  and a quick Edit link. Thanks to Frederik (Dwarf), mphillips, MarkOs, 
	  bean_nwfc and other contributors 
	+ Project selector now longer shows up at start up. Only when you click 
	+ Increased height of Project selector for readability with long list
	+ Alert boxes now show up near the top, making them easier to find
	+ Enhanced error checking during save and notification sending
	+ Created new project from template now advances Start dates too.
	+ Completed or Inactive projects too can be edited with Planning module 
	+ Merged hacks and Planning module files for easier installation
	+ Other small fixes and performance improvements

Bug Fixes:
	- Quick Update completes / reopens ticket correctly now
	- Error on line 1066 in Planning class. Solved.
	- Administrators did not get access to Planning module on fresh install.
	- HTTPS gives error on IE7/8
	- Very slow to load projects' list
	- Set mode to opaque, for pop ups to show correctly over Planning module
	- Changing only Priority for tasks did not save
	- Clearing a field deleted item in Outline view.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.3.1 [2010/01/20]
Sorry for the goof up! Version 1.3 gave same numbers to all new tickets you 
created using Planning module! This version fixes that.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.3 [2010/01/15]
Minor upgrade and bug fix release. Thanks to all users for their contributions.

	+ Export the plan as a CSV / XML file
	+ Permissions can now be managed using Planning section in AC Admin
	+ Enable Save only if plan was changed.
	+ Can now open Planning module for a completed / paused project too

Bug Fixes:
	- Notifications being sent on item reassignments 
	 (NOTE: Required update to a core AC file in "resources" module.)
 	- Fixes to avoid duplication of project items.
	- Checklists & Pages show correctly in Calendar view now
	- Ensured Activity Logs are created correctly. (Needed for Reports module)
	- Dragging multiple items plan showed error in some cases - fixed
	- Changing priority of tasks did not save

Planning module for activeCollab v1.2.1 [2009/10/27]
Minor upgrade and bug fix release. Thanks to all users for their contributions.

	+ Updated error handling during server problems. Session time out, 
	  PHP errors and others are treated distinctly now.
	+ Increased the width of "Recover Project" message for readability.
	+ Now stripping invalid characters from plan before XML handling. 

Bug Fixes:
	- Fixed number of issues with notification sending.
	- Start and Due dates now span full days in Gantt chart.
	- Top menu toggle button labels can now be translated.
	- IE7/8 gave "HTTP Request Error" over HTTPS
	- Updated upgrade instructions.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.2 [2009/10/10]
Significant upgrade and bug fix release. All enhancements are based on user 
demands! Thank you for your support.

	+ Supports viewing Gantt chart for multiple projects together. Click
	  Select Projects button and check all projects you want to see.
	+ Calendar in Outline view: Start and Due dates now sport a date picker
	  calendar for easy date selection. Auto complete and manual entry
	  still work too.
	+ Administration Panel added: Planning module configuration can now
	  be done from activeCollab's administration panel.
	+ Category Templates from Admin: Set template to use as Ticket / Page
	  description for each category.
	+ Branding Removal allowed: Tick one option (Show Help) to No in Admin
	  and the AppsMagnet branding / Help menu will be hidden.
	+ Subscriber support in Level 2 items added. Also in Batch Update. A 
	  checkbox in Card view lets you subscribe all assignees.
	+ Batch Update: Assignees can now be added / replaced.
	+ Open Selected Items in AC: A button in top menu under Cards View now
	  lets you open currently selected Tickets, Pages or Checklists within
	  activeCollab interface. This lets you make comments or further edits
	  from original activeCollab interface.
	+ Allowed changing projects and managing settings for Read Only users.
	+ HTTPS Support: Planning module works well under HTTPS (if your entire
	  activeCollab setup is under HTTPS)
	+ Order of Milestones in Outline can now be on dates always. Even if 
	  you reorder them. Available as an option under Admin.
	+ Cleanups in Gantt view - hide item text in chart, added item type 
	  on tooltips
	+ Zombie handling (parent item completed, children still open) improved.
	+ Plus a few more...

Bug Fixes:
	- Date auto complete problem with MM/DD format solved.
	- Date parsing problem with 4 digit years solved.
	- Quick Start guide link incorrect with friendly URLs. Fixed.
	- Jump to Ticket (Tickets hacks) gave 404 error if nothing was entered.
	  Added validation to ensure something is entered in field!
	- Category icon width: made all category icons 16x16.
	- Invalid workflow status now falls back to "New".
	- Items completed by users who are now deleted caused Save to fail. 

Planning module for activeCollab v1.1.1 [2009/08/25]
Another quick bug fix release. 

	+ Skip "Open" child elements with "Completed" parents when "Show 
          Completed Items" is unchecked.
	+ Item positions are managed within items and not at project level
	+ Added check for PHP version during installation

Bug Fixes:
	- Tickets are always created with Private visibility.
	- Ticket not saving when navigating by clicking on another item in list.
	- Duplicate Ticket IDs created when switching type from Ticket to Page
	  and back.

Planning module for activeCollab v1.1 [2009/08/19]
Quick bug fix release. 

	+ If there are unsaved changes, prompt user to save when she goes 
          to another page

Bug Fixes:
	- Crash if Pages or Checklists module was not active.
	- Show Completed option does not save state 
	- Focus lost after clicking on Type drop down in Outline view

Planning module for activeCollab v1.0 [2009/08/15]
Stable release of Planning module for activeCollab. Hundreds of enhancements
over last Beta. We revamped a lot of internals to support Pages and Checklists
at level two and to make the application more stable. Some notable changes:

	+ Page / Checklist / Ticket support at level two in Outline & Cards view
	+ Revamped Cards view UI
	+ Added "Actual" time field to outline
	+ Ability to change Priority & Type in Outline
	+ Drag & Drop improved
	+ Close icon with Estimate slider
	+ Ticket hacks for aC - mass edit, jump to ticket, view status in list,
	  category icons, change Planning module fields from Edit Ticket screen
	+ Localization support
	+ Added Quick Tour video, Better documentation
	+ Import "under currently selected item" feature
	+ Text Import - maximize mode to let you focus
	+ Revamped Gantt chart logic
	+ Store view settings in browser cookie
	+ Show / Hide items without milestones
	+ Set at what level you want Outline to show at start
	+ Planning button position - move as tab

Bug Fixes:
	- All tickets saved with ID 1
	- ActivityLog::renderHead() error on project dashboard
	- Complete checkbox does not work
	- Filtering card view worked only first time
	- Card data not updated after Batch Update
	- Help link broken - pointing to "localhost"
	- Assignees - noone became the owner
	- Numerous UI fixes and improvements

Planning module for activeCollab v0.8 [2009/05/10]

First, beta, release of Planning module. This is beta quality software, use it
with due care.

1. Three views - Outline, Cards, Gantt (read-only)
2. Quick keyboard navigation in Outline view
3. Batch Update
4. Smart auto completes in dates, assignees
5. Import (XML & Text), Export (XML)
6. And many more!