Time Reports Plus

Flexible, meaningful time log analysis with grouping support for Project, Person, Date and Billing Status

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Lack of good time reporting in activeCollab 2

Just like you, we use activeCollab extensively for our business. After our team logs hours, we would like to see who logged how many hours, to what projects and how much of that is billable. Sometimes we would even like to see the actual summary of that time record to better understand work done.

We used a combination of MySQL views and complicated queries to generate some of these reports. And then Grif Blackstone from BMG asked if we could build a simple interface for time reports that will let him see weekly time reports grouped by Project, Person and Date. So we built Time Reports Plus to solve everyone’s problems!

What can you expect from Time Reports Plus

  • Clearly see who spend how much time on which project, and even their totals
  • Understand how much time in a project is billable or not
  • Filter time reports at runtime and eliminate the need to create multiple time reports (or narrow down as you wish)
  • Round up time records to 5, 15 or 30 minutes. And then create an invoice out of them.
  • Quickly see time spent by each team member across all projects from a single place
  • aC3 versionCreate invoice from selected time records easily

Annotated screenshot of Time Reports Plus for aC2 – click to enlarge

Annotated screenshot of Time Reports Plus in aC3 – click to enlarge

Must see: Video tutorial on time reporting in activeCollab 2 and Time Reports Plus

Check out the video tour of using Time Reports and how Time Reports Plus enhances them that Malay from our team created. We added a quick tutorial on time reports at the beginning, so even if you don’t buy the module, this video will be useful to you.

Time Reports Plus uses your existing Time Reports and lets you summarize them by Project, Person, Date etc. You can select up to three of these parameters and can also see sub totals at each level. If you want, you can edit reporting parameters. You can select multiple time records and batch update them right from the reports screen. There is no new icon to click or new page to go to. Time Reports Plus automagically enhances current time reporting screens – both at project level and globally.

Breathtaking Performance Improvements

And while we were at it, we have also improved the performance of time report generation outrageously. Here’s a before and after snapshot of the same time report – totaling to 877.60 hours in 351 time records.

Before Time Reports Plus:

Executed in: 4.428s. SQL queries: 366. Memory usage: 25.77MB

After Time Reports Plus:

Executed in: 3.646s. SQL queries: 18. Memory usage: 19.91MB

If you add three summary parameters to this same report and execute it again:

Executed in: 1.953s. SQL queries: 18. Memory usage: 14.73MB

No matter how large your reporting data is, and no matter how many summary levels you select, Time Reports Plus will get its job done in 18 queries flat. That’s an awesome side effect of Time Reports Plus, isn’t it?

LOVE THIS !!! I have been waiting my whole ActiveCollab life for this.

– Grif Blackstone, BMG Creative

Wow! That “been waiting my whole activeCollab life” part – brought a big smile on our face.

We guarantee Time Reports Plus will be valuable to you. We are super sure of that.

Known Issues / Limitations

  • Time Reports Plus (for aC2) does not show column headings in reports. This is by design and not a bug!
  • Export of Time Reports does not contain any summaries. It only contains actual time records. Just like the original Time Tracking module.
  • Invoicing module had some issues with Time tracking before activeCollab version 2.3.2. Please upgrade to activeCollab latest version – 2.3.2 for best results.


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Project Management, Reporting

Useful For

Individual Users, Project Managers

Compatible With

activeCollab 2, activeCollab 3

Current aC2 Version


Current aC3 Version



activeCollab Corporate Version, Time Tracking module installed

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Time Reports Plus v3.3.6 [2013/02/27]

- Fixed Cannot make static method BaseTrackingReports::find() non static in class TimeReportsPlus.

Time Reports Plus v3.3.5 [2013/01/15]

- All time records were included when invoice created from project report (Thanks to Lukas Rüegg for reporting this)

Time Reports Plus v3.3.4 [2012/12/21]

+ Show estimate in the report
+ Added quick view support for task

Time Reports Plus v3.3.3 [2012/11/30]

- Compatibility with activeCollab v3.2.3 and above

Time Reports Plus v3.3.2 [2012/11/06]

- User could see time records from project he does not have access to
- Mobile view of Time and Expenses was broken

Time Reports Plus v3.3.1 [2012/10/30]

- Non admin users were getting "Failed to load page" error while accessing 
  Time Reports Plus from reports panel. 

Time Reports Plus v3.3 [2012/10/29]

+ Time Reports Plus is now available to all users - not just admins / project

- Job types are displayed in alphabetical order 

Time Reports Plus v3.2.1 [2012/09/27]

+ Now invoice can be generated from Project level
+ Summarize by billable status
+ Summarize by project category
+ Summarize by task category

- Navigation between projects was not working properly when no time was tracked

Time Reports Plus v3.2 [2012/09/12]

+ Time reports are now available at project level too! Just like aC2!
+ Selection checkboxes at group level - to select all children with one click
+ Print Time Reports
+ New sidebar for project overview to see time tracked by users
+ New in mass update: Change billable status labels of selected time records
+ New in mass update: Change job type of selected time records

- Total hours were not displaying correctly when number formatting included ","
- HTML export did not work correctly with non latin characters

Time Reports Plus v3.1 [2012/08/17]

+ Add Time Reports as a Homescreen Tab - works for people without project
  management access too!
+ Export time reports in CSV and HTML format
+ Enhanced UI

Time Reports Plus 3.0.3 [2012/07/27]

- Mass edit options were not enabled in certain cases even when they should
- "Last Week" filter was incorrectly labeled "This Month"

Time Reports Plus 3.0.2 [2012/07/15]

Minor update:
+ Added check for Tracking module's presence during installation

Time Reports Plus 3.0.1 [2012/07/02]

- Projects are not listing when we select "Selected Project" option from the filter
- Filter Timerecords based on job type 

Time Reports Plus 3.0 [2012/06/11]

NOTE: We've also included a bug fix in activeCollab 3.1.5 in this release. Please
also upload the "activecollab" folder to your folder along with "custom". You
may upload the "TrackingReport.class.php" directly in its appropriate folder too.

Initial activeCollab 3 compatible version.

- Additional grouping / summary options
- Round time to nearest 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 minutes
- Adjust time by percentage
- Create invoice from selected time records
- etc...