Experts Demonstrate activeCollab 3 And Answer Your Questions

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Learn about activeCollab 3 and how it can benefit you in this free webinar. Top activeCollab experts demonstrate activeCollab’s latest version and answer your questions.

First Time Ever: All activeCollab Rockstars In One Place

All these top activeCollab developers together… This is the first time ever!! Get a chance to get your questions answered from the experts. Listen to their opinions on activeCollab 3. This is going to be a rock star event!

Got Questions About activeCollab 3? Curious About It? Feeling A Bit Uncertain??

You need to join this free webinar if you have any of these questions…

  • What’s new in aC 3?
  • Will it be easy to learn activeCollab 3?
  • It seems to have a completely revamped user interface. How fast is it?
  • I have lots of critical data in activeCollab 3. Will that be transitioned correctly?
  • Is it reasonably bug free? Is it ready for production?
  • Will my third party plugins be compatible with activeCollab 3?
  • Is it worth upgrading to activeCollab 3 now? How long should I wait?
  • I’ve been waiting for “feature x”, is it there in activeCollab 3?
  • Will I have to purchase the upgrade again? Who’s qualified for a free upgrade?
  • What’s the easiest way for me to determine if we should upgrade?

When, Where and How to begin

  • This online seminar was held on 10th January 2012, at 12PM EST.
  • Watch the recording above to learn about activeCollab 3