Using project templates to enforce project structure

Projects are similar

Most project plans are similar. You may have elaboration phase, a  planning / prototyping phase, actual execution of the project and then project completion / handover phase. You would also want that your projects follow a  defined process of execution. You would want to follow the same design brief, same categories and structure of the project plan. You may also have 3-4 variations on the process based on the project type.

How do you enforce structure across all projects?

Creating same kind of structure for every new project is a waste of time. So how do you cut it short? Well, use templates!

activeCollab allows you to create new projects from a template project. You choose a project group as “template group” and all projects under it can then be used as a template while creating a new project. Creating a new  project like this copies milestones, tickets and checklists. activeCollab will even reschedule your milestones based on start date of the new project.

We created a video tutorial to explain every step in using project templates. I believe you may even find nuggets of other useful strategies as you view this tutorial! We crafted it with a lot of love.

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  • Joe Hana

    Well explained Tutorial…havent noticed that aC also copies all tickets from the template project.

    Now I know it better :-)

    thanks again