How to fix “System configuration option does not exist”


You receive an activeCollab Crash Report about a missing “System configuration option”.

The error message may look similar to:

activeCollab setup at experienced fatal error.
Info: System configuration option '' does not exist

Error params:
File: NULL
Line: NULL
Variable name: name
Variable value:


#0  Error->__construct(System configuration option '' does not exist, 1) called at [/home/public_html/activecollab/angie/classes/errors/InvalidParamError.class.php:46]

#1  InvalidParamError->__construct(....) called at [/home/public_html/activecollab/application/modules/system/models/config_options/ConfigOptions.class.php:40]

#2  ConfigOptions->getValue() called at [/home/public_html/activecollab/application/modules/notifications/controllers/NotificationsAdminController.class.php:76]


A module is looking for its system configuration parameter that is not yet set up in activeCollab.


You installed a new version of a module that contains a new configuration option. But missed Uninstalling and Installing the module from activeCollab admin. Installing a new module creates its required configuration option. So if a new configuration option was introduced in the module and you missed installing the module, that option is not yet present in activeCollab. That presents you with the above error.


  1. Figure out the name of the module from the configuration option name, or from the file name in the Backtrace. In our case, it’s Notifications module. (it could be Backup module, Planning module or any other module).
  2. Go to activeCollab administration.
  3. Uninstall and Reinstall the module.
  4. That should fix the problem.