activeCollab3 Compatible Modules from Apps Magnet – Preview 1

Here’s the recording from our first preview of activeCollab 3 compatible modules from Apps Magnet. We demonstrate how we are integrating our current products with aC3 and also preview two exclusive activeCollab3 extensions.

Products covered: Tasks Plus (aka Tickets Plus), Reports Plus, Widgets Plus (new product), acGarage Plus (Housekeeping + Incremental Backup + Gravatar + Upgrade notifications), Planning and Chronograph  (new product). Beta copies will be available soon.

Upgrading from activeCollab 2 to 3 will be straight forward. There is a big shift in the user experience and the underlying technology, but you can migrate your activeCollab 2 system to 3 easily. Wait for the final stable releases before going in production though!

  • sebastian

    When are you guys coming up with Reports + ? I had Report on aC2 and now we switched to 3 and we badly need it.

    • Apps Magnet

      We are wrapping up aC3 compatible versions of few of the products and will release beta versions of a few major modules in near future – including Reports Plus!