Floodgates for activeCollab – taking control of emails and notifications

If you have a lot of things going in activeCollab, you will end up with a lot of notifications. Emails about tasks, comments, files, milestones and everything else. All those emails look more or less the same, and if you are like me, you will quickly get tired of them.. You have the Notifications Center in status bar too – that shows updates on all items you are involved with..

But here’s a quick two minute configuration guide on setting up flood gates for activeCollab notifications.

This video covers:

  • Turning off email notifications globally
  • Allowing specific user roles to turn on emails
  • Determining how the notifications center shows up in your status bar
  • Take precise control over what kind of in-app notifications you get with our free Notifications Plus module

Additionally, you can:

  • Let users control their notifications preferences from their “Settings” panel – from their avatar in left menu and then “Settings”. Or going to an individual user’s profile and clicking on “Settings” in “Options”.
  • Let users control their own Notifications Plus settings from their “Notifications Settings” under “Options” in their profiles.
  • Mute and Unmute in-app notifications from Notifications Plus when you do not want to get distracted
  • Or simply – set up filtering rules in your email client to keep notifications you want and discard others…

Hope this helps!