Using your own logo in activeCollab

Do you know you can easily replace the activeCollab logos with your own? Here’s how you do it.

Using your own logo in header

Make a GIF image of your logo. Maximum size 100x45 pixels. Save it as “logo.gif” and replace it in the “public/brand” folder within activeCollab installation. Refresh an activeCollab page and you should see your own logo now.

Workaround for Access theme

If you are using Access theme, edit “public/assets/themes/access/theme.css“. Near the top you will see some CSS code for “.site_logo” and “#login_company_logo“. Change the “background” property for both and use “url(../../../brand/logo.gif)” for both. Ensure to put correct number of “../“. Save and re-upload the file to server, clear the “compile” folder and refresh! It should show your logo now!

Removing logo from footer

BTW, if you want to remove activeCollab logo from the footer, you can do that by purchasing Branding Removal from them.

Logo for Invoices

You can also replace the logo used in invoices by replacing an image named “invoicing_logo.jpg” (maximum 200×90 pixels) in “public/brand” folder.

Replace icon for URL bar in browser (favicon)

Similarly, you can change the icon that shows up in the browser’s URL bar by putting in a 16×16 “favicon.png” image in the same “public/brand” folder.

Make sure you make these images in appropriate dimensions and correct file format.

  • David Neudorfer

    What about a Webclip icon for the iPhone and iPad ActiveCollab mobile site? Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Apps Magnet

    @David: There is no out of the box way to add web clip icon for activeCollab mobile site. You will need to create one icon and place it in your root folder (and not public/brand) folder for this work.

    Here’s a detailed article on how you can add webclip icons for your websites.