Insightful and actionable reports on projects, people and companies

Startling insights about your team, projects and clients

Reports Module will give you startling insights about your team and projects. It shows key performance indicators for your projects in one screen. It is indeed a breakthrough in project management with activeCollab. Not only can you view comprehensive reports, but can also initiate actions by sending reminders, follow ups and appreciations from within the reporting screen.

The Zen of Reporting - monitor key trends, focus on productivity and stay informed

We believe project reports should show real progress and should be actionable. Reports module shows you key performance trends for your projects. It goes beyond the % completed bar graphs and shows you real progress made every week. You can now visualize when will your projects complete. Spending a few minutes on Reports module every day will avoid surprises and keep you grounded with reality of your projects.

Reports that matter

Burn down chart tells you items remaining in your project. It’s the simplest and most effective chart to measure project progress. Velocity tells you the rate at which you are completing pending items. Assignments and Hours charts for people tell you how occupied a team member is and where is their time going. Usage stats under Companies report tell you how active your projects are. Companies report also give you status of all projects of a client in one screen. Reports module shows you only what matters!

Insightful statistics on projects, people and clients

Reports module gives you comprehensive reports about Projects, People and Companies. You will be amazed when you see these statistics. Reports module tells you a forecast date of completion for your projects, tells you the average activity score of users and gives detailed system usage information – how many tickets do you have, how many files, what’s the file size and so on. There are lot of details, all neatly organized.

Don't just see the reports, take action

Most reports limit you to just viewing information. When you see long due items in your project, or a person who’s not logged sufficient hours, you want to take some action. You want to send a follow up note and push work forward. Now, you can do all that without switching screens. You can send reminders, follow ups and appreciations right from Reports module. And it’s even smart enough to automatically address those reminders for you! Finally, something that makes sense!

Sensible date ranges, Printable reports, Quick navigation buttons, Ability to configure calculations and more...

Reports module packs numerous productivity enhancements that will make your job easier. Printed reports let you easily share them with team members, quick navigation buttons help you go back and forth, filters let you see data you want. Administrators can now configure score calculations and permissions easily.

Designed to save your time and money

We understand your time is precious. Reports module is designed to save time and make you more productive from ground up. All reports are available from one screen. Every single aspect is aimed at effective tracking. We have paid attention to small details so that you can benefit immediately. We encourage you to explore and discover these little gems!

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Fantastic Results & Rave Reviews

Reports module was launched in February 2009, and used by over thousand organizations. Many rave the simplicity and effectiveness of our reports. Here’s what some of our customers said.

The module is fantastic! Our core user teams are working Scrum, so it was exactly what we needed to evaluate our progress.

Now that we can clearly map our burn down rate, we can finally see easily if we will meet our targets.

I suspect that many users may not be aware of how significant this type of reporting is to effectively manage projects. Once I get a chance to sit down and explain users within our organization how it works, they immediately get it and realize that traditional charting is not half as effective or useful.

Willem Nieuwboer, GFX International

Thanks for making a great add on to AC.

Randy Taylor, Taylor Digital, LLC

This looks great, we were actually just having a conversation about having this ability (People Reports) and I went to the site to see if your reports module covered that — looking forward to seeing this released. I have a few clients, that will appreciate this as well.
This new feature (People Reports) was definitely the tipping point for me, I bought the reports module last night :)

Nathan Sudds, ActiveLabs

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