Tickets Plus

Add estimates, custom workflow statuses, start dates, live search and much more to tickets. It's a must have!

Tickets is probably the most used aspect of activeCollab. Tickets Plus adds loads of productivity enhancements to Tickets module. We bet you can’t imagine activeCollab without Tickets Plus once you use it!


  • Add Estimates and Start dates to tickets
  • Track status of the ticket via Workflow Statuses – new, reopened, feedback, acknowledged, assigned, in progress, resolved, closed.
  • Create custom workflow statuses that suit your needs.
  • Live Search in tickets list view – quickly find the ticket you were looking for
  • Color coded workflow status – makes your tickets list not only beautiful, but a lot more useful too
  • Quick Update a ticket – change status and assign to a person. Even while making a comment!
  • Icons for ticket categories – makes it easier to review them at a glance
  • Quickly jump to a ticket by entering its ID
  • Enhanced ticket listing view – adds workflow status, one click description of the ticket, due date and moreā€¦
  • Sort tickets list easily
  • Quickly update status of multiple tickets via batch update
  • Track changes to a ticket better with full change log
  • Jump to ticket edit screen right from tickets listing – save time
  • Use estimates, start dates and statuses in template projects – they will all adapt to the new project’s dates
Video: Quick Tour Video: Measure Ticket Progress via Workflow Statuses


Here are some screenshots of Tickets Plus module.

View Ticket's details by clicking the triangle at left

Inline Description of a ticket, Icon for Category

Enhanced Ticket Details Page

Enhanced Ticket Details Page (click to enlarge)

Sort Tickets Listing

Sort Tickets Listing

Quick Jump

Jump to a ticket by entering its ID

Edit Estimate and Start Date

Edit Estimate and Start Date

Mass Edit Tickets in Tickets View

Mass Edit Tickets in Tickets View - even workflow status

Color codes for workflow status

Color codes for workflow status

Tickets Plus Module is Awesome

Everyone just loves Tickets Plus! Once you start using it, you can’t imagine living without them. Ticket Plus module is like a warrior’s sword. You wouldn’t want to get on the field without one! We are 100% confident about their value!

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