WordPress activeCollab Connector

WordPress activeCollab Connector

Get the best of both WordPress and activeCollab!! WP AC Connector empowers you to seamlessly integrate WordPress and activeCollab. User account synchronization, single sign on and unlimited integration benefits are awaiting you.

WordPress is the world’s most loved content management platform. Themes and Plugins can transform WordPress into a full blown e-commerce platform, knowledge base system, job site, intranet, forum, social network or anything in between. On the other side, activeCollab is the best self-hosted project collaboration tool you can have.

WP AC Connector – as the name suggests – connects WordPress with activeCollab. Best of both worlds. Marriage made in heaven. Powerhouse pair. Deadly duo… Call it whatever you want, this is a tool that will blast open a realm of hugely productive integrations between two of the best systems on the planet.

Use activeCollab for what it does best, and use WordPress for what it excels at. WP AC Connector will automatically share account information (username, password etc) so that your users can freely switch between the two systems.

Possible Uses

WP AC Connector synchronizes user accounts between activeCollab and WordPress (only those system roles that you want). This way you can have content visible only to users in WordPress and have your activeCollab users access it. Or have projects in activeCollab that your WordPress users can participate in.

Here are some potential uses of such integration.

  • Running e-commerce on WordPress? Let your e-commerce customers join projects in activeCollab. Or share your internal product roadmap with them. Or use activeCollab as support helpdesk!
  • Want to improve collaboration? Hook up BuddyPress, bbForums or P2 theme in WordPress, and let your team engage with each other.
  • Not happy with activeCollab’s WYSIWYG editor? Use WordPress’s rich content editor and media management features and direct aC users to WordPress pages.
  • Using WordPress for your site? Let your activeCollab team edit content in WordPress without needing to remember another set of credentials.
  • Want to survey your customers? Create a users only survey form in WordPress with GravityForms (or similar) and post its link to your aC users for quick login.
  • Want to share photos / portfolio with your team? Use a nifty gallery plugin in WordPress and link it up in activeCollab.
  • And a lot more…

Features & Benefits

World's best, Doing their best

Let activeCollab and WordPress do their best! Use WordPress to effectively manage content and other apps – from ecommerce to forums. And use activeCollab for managing your projects and collaboration. No more unfulfilled wishes!

Fully Automated

You have control over the integration yet it’s fully automated once configured. Control privileges and access for users on both systems. All the dirty work will then be handled by the connector. You can focus on something important now.

Login once, use both systems - Single Sign On

Login to WordPress and you can switch to activeCollab with a single click. You and your uses do not need to manage multiple user accounts. It’s all seamlessly integrated. Just how you’d wish!

20000+ WordPress plugins are now within your reach

Shared authentication allows your activeCollab users to login to WordPress with the same email and password they use in activeCollab. You can now implement the best of WordPress plugin and easily give controlled access to your activeCollab users – whether it is for an intranet, e-commerce site or support system.

How does it work?

WordPress activeCollab Connector keeps user account information in sync between activeCollab and WordPress. If you create a new user in WordPress, an account will automatically be created in activeCollab – and vice versa. If you update email / password or company, the update will flow to the other system as well. You can even map user roles between WordPress and activeCollab. So you can say all Editors in WordPress will become Project Managers in activeCollab – or the other way round! Both the systems talk to each other whenever something changes and keep themselves up to date. It’s automated magic!

Read full documentation for configuration, sync and SSO details

Enabling Seamless Integration

Single Sign On from WordPress means users logged in to WordPress can switch to activeCollab with a single click – without needing to re-login. Shared authentication keeps both sides in harmony. Whether you have a handful users or thousands, the system will happily keep everything under control.

You can add links to WordPress installation within activeCollab, and people can login to WordPress with the same login / password they use in activeCollab – or continue using their WordPress username and the latest password if their account was created in WordPress.

If you see the potential of WordPress integration with activeCollab, go ahead and grab this opportunity now. You will continue getting upgrades for a full year and will also have a 30 day money back guarantee!


Additional Information


Apps Magnet


Single Site

Impact Area

Team Collaboration, Administration, Third Party Integration

Useful For

Administrators, Individual Users, Teams


cURL support in PHP

Product Type


Compatible With

activeCollab 3, activeCollab 4, activeCollab 4.1

Current aC3 Version


Current aC4 Version


Current aC4.1 And 4.2 Version



WordPress activeCollab Connector 4.2.1 [2014/10/18]
- User is not created in activeCollab when company name is empty.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 4.2 [2014/01/20]
- Fixed activecollab user get logged into the system with any password when wordpress API point was configured wrong.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 4.1 [2013/12/11]

- activeCollab 4.1.4 compatible version

WordPress activeCollab Connector 4.0.1 [2013/08/07]

- Fixed First Name and Last Name update from activeCollab to wordpress.
- Fixed "Invalid Email Address" error while sending request to activeCollab from wordpress.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 4.0 [2013/07/29]

- Initial activeCollab 4 compatible version.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.2.2 [2013/08/06]

- Compatible with activecollab 3.3.20
- Updated dictionary file.

- Fixed First Name and Last Name update from activecollab to wordpress.
- Fixed "Invalid Email Address" error while sending request to activecollab from wordpress.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.2.1 [2013/06/26]
- Flyout form was not closed after creating a new Task, Discussion etc.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.2 [2013/05/13]

- Roles were not getting displayed in wordpress when PATH_INFO_THROUGH_QUERY_STRING is set to false in activeCollab.  

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.1 [2013/03/29]
+ activeCollab 3.3 compatible release. 

- Role was not updated in activeCollab when update from wordpress.
- User lost the privileges in wordpress when role set to 'No Access'.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.0b [2012/07/12]

Initial release. Consider this beta quality.