Eighteen Products Updated: Compatible with activeCollab 3.3

April 1, 2013

activeCollab 3.3.0 beta was released last week and we have been working hard to make our products compatible with activeCollab 3.3.

As of now all our products are compatible with 3.3.0.

And it felt great to release 18 updates at once… It’s a record for us!!!

Another big news is that Assignments Plus module is now merged with Planning module.

If you purchased Planning module, download the latest version from our My Account area and you can start getting the benefits of assignments plus module too.

If you purchased Assignments Plus module last year, you will be given a prorated store credit in the coming week that you can use on your future purchases. The credit will be adjusted against the product price and the duration you’ve used the product.

And yes, if you only want Assignments Plus, you may continue using it. There will be no further updates to it though. Separate Assignments Plus module only works till activeCollab 3.2.12.  All updates will now go to Planning module.

PS: All our products are also compatible with activeCollab 3.2.12. :-)

  • Carsten Bock

    It would be good to have a list overview to see which 18 are compatible. so i have to search around which is not a good user experience.

  • Carsten Bock

    What about the List under the product details – are they up to date? There are no modules that tell that they are compatible with 3.3 ?

  • Malay Ladu

    Hi Carsten,

    Yes, Just want to tell you that all our products are compatible with the aC 3.3. We updated the change log of a product on the product page.