Time Report Plus – Important KPI’s at a glance…

July 15, 2014

Time Report Plus is one of the most popular features of the Report Plus Module and this month we thought of making it even more useful.


Earlier Time Reports Plus screen

What we realized was that the older TRP (Time Reports Plus) module had all sought after information related to time reporting, but  it did not have was a seamless, one screen, experience in a typical time reporting workflow.

To get different perspectives on the time tracked, you’d have to change summarization parameters to look at key performance indicators – for example, hours billable, pending, non billable etc. We felt this was a little tedious.

This time, we placed the most important KPI’s and right on the time reports page. So you can easily evaluate them, and do not have to run filters again and again.

Here’s the new look of Time Reports Plus:

Time Reports Plus at a glance

The New Time Reports Plus with KPIs at a glance

Here are the KPIs we’ve included.

Comparison KPIs: This Week vs Previous Week & This Month vs Previous Month’s time tracked.

Time by Billable Status Billable, Pending, Non Billable, Paid time tracked.

Summary KPIs for Projects, Users, Job types, Project Category, Task Category and Company.

  • Project – see time tracked on all projects
  • Users – time logged by different people in your team
  • Job Type – gives clarity regarding time spent on each type of work
  • Task Category – summarized view of time logged in different categories
  • Project Category – figure out what type of projects are consuming time
  • Company – time spent for each client

I believe you’ll find these KPI’s useful.

Try out Reports Plus today!

Post a comment and give us feedback!

June Progress Report

July 8, 2014
Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Apps Magnet had an eventful June. We worked on a couple of important things namely:

Photo Cred: Giphy

Chronograph module 4.2.7 is released

June 2, 2014

It has been an exciting week for AppsMagnet. We already released the amazing features for  Communications module and now it’s  the Chronograph module.

We have improved the  UI of Chronograph time sheet.Also, you can try out the new feature of tracking time for past week via Time Sheet.

A special thanks to one of our valued customers Mr.Doug Steinberg for not only reporting the timezone related issue but also  assisting our team for resolving it.

Give in your comments about our added features….We want to know how you liked them.

Communication Module: We got you Secured

May 26, 2014

Our team has been working hard on revising its modules. And  Communication Module has been on the top of our list. As mentioned in our previous blog we already have  re added the most loved feature that is the “Project Level Communication”  and  this week we thought of enhancing it further.

After a couple of discussions with team we got to a conclusion and decided to work on the security feature of the module.

The result….. is our latest edition to the Communication module  that will surely have you delighted!!!

Now, Admin is able to set permissions within  the Communication Module.

Basically there are two types of permissions i.e

1) Who can participate in communication – i.e deciding which member can view and participate in a particular communication.

2) Who can create communications – i.e which member can create communications.

You can set permissions through Administrator -> Communications


Well we feel this would make your communications more controlled, more flexible and more secure…

What do you feel??? Drop a comment we are listening….

Project Level Communication is back!!!

May 15, 2014

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”  Peter F. Drucker

We understand how vital a good communication model is for your teams progress and thus our foremost task since March was to revamp the existing Communication Module.

The dev team worked on various aspects and tested and retested the changes to finally create our Best version till date.

Earlier the user had carry out a two click process to actually communicate with a  fellow member. Our target was to make this way shorter that is one click and you are there.So we built a interface where people could just click to communications and it would open up right in the next panel.So no extra work of going elsewhere.

In this bargain of revamping we ended up removing the “Project Level” communications.Our idea was as all the communication happen on a single page. one can quickly find the project related communications.


Removed Project Level Communications

However the initial beta testers gave us a different feedback. Apparently it was one of the most loved features and so we decided to add the “Project Level Communications” tab back to the Revamped Model.


Added Back Project Level Communications

So, here we are with a single page view to all your communications and also with the most loved Project Level Communication tab right where you like it.

Go check us out…

You can access Project Level Communication as you accessed it before. And the Communications tab is available in Project Section.

Hope you will find the revamped look useful…

Let us know how it helps you to narrow down your search/saves your time…We are eager to get your feedback….!

Just not you, mothers are tech savvy too!

May 12, 2014

Well mothers are special in every way…and nothing could ever sum up to how we could repay that love. Here is a small gesture of appreciation and love to all the mothers out there.

On this Mother’s Day, Apps Magnet wishes all the mothers a very

                                  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

And we thought you may like this infographic on this occasion! (courtesy: TechBargains.com)

Find out What Mothers want this Mother’s Day…



Create Client Support Tickets From Within activeCollab

May 6, 2014

Last May, we introduced an invisible customer support help desk system for activeCollab using Tasks Plus module. With that system, you can setup a support email address and all emails coming to that address will become “support tickets” within activeCollab. This allows you to solve clients’ queries right within activeCollab. You don’t need another support / helpdesk system. Hundreds of people are using this system now and it’s grown well over the time.

But what about issues you get over phone? Or when clients forgot to send it to the support email and emailed you directly?

That gap is bridged too now!

In last release of Tasks Plus, we introduce a feature to create support tickets from activeCollab on behalf of your client.

You can create new support tickets while you are on the phone with your clients, and when your team replies (by posting a comment), it will go to your client as if they initiated the original support ticket. You won’t miss a single support request now!

Here’s how it works:

Go to any project that is configured to receive support tickets – ones you set in incoming mailbox filters.

You’d see a “Create Support Ticket” button next to “New Task” button in top right toolbar.

Click on “Create Support Ticket”.

Enter the details, type your client’s name and email, select the mailbox (if there are multiple mailboxes associated with this project) and save!

Support Ticket Form

Support Ticket Form

What do you think? Do tell us how you’d use this new feature by posting a comment! Thanks!

Apps Magnet activeCollab modules are 4.2.6 compatible

March 24, 2014

Our modules are compatible with activeCollab 4.2.6.

Wanted to clarify since I made a typo and wrote “not compatible” instead of “now compatible” in our last email to customers! Sorry about any confusion I may have caused!

You can download the latest versions using Apps Magnet Auto Updater module in your activeCollab installation or from our My Account area.

New avatar of Communications module – less clicks, more talk

March 21, 2014

Communications module has always been about easy, formal or impromptu, live discussions for your teams and clients. We’ve recently did a complete overhaul and you can see the results in the annotated screenshot above!

  • Each “communication” is now called a “channel”
  • When you click on “Communications” icon in bottom bar of activeCollab, you now directly get to the latest channel. We got rid of the intermediate dialog box.
  • The design is modern and clutter free. Less clicks, more talk!
  • You can continue to control exactly who can participate in a channel, upload files, get sound notifications and more…

What do you think of the redesign? Post a comment and let us know!

You can get more stuff done with cleaner, faster and better Mizen

March 21, 2014

Mizen (part of Planning module) is our ambitious undertaking to make getting things done a delight!

We are making improvements iteratively. Adding small features and enhancements with each release. And I think some of the recent changes we made are solid steps towards our vision…

Quick Jump, Cleaner UI and Workflow Label indicators

Jump to items

We updated Mizen’s design to be cleaner and more understandable – colors, fonts, lines, borders, spacing… It feels a lot more stable now and to my eyes a lot more usable as well.

At the top, we added quick jump selectors. If you have a long list of tasks, the grouping parameters will be available as “jump to” choices helping you navigate faster.

You’ll also see a colored strip in front of task entry indicating its workflow label. This will make it easier to identify and work with items that need your attention.

Update a task while leaving a comment

Update Status, Label, Assignee & Category
We’ve brought task actions into commenting – so you can change the status, label, assignee or category of the task as you post a comment. Much like how you can do it on the activeCollab task page.

Update using Auto Updater and Give us feedback

All this and more is available with Mizen. And Mizen is currently available as part of Planning module.

If you have purchased Planning module already, you can get the latest update from our My Accounts area, or better still, use Apps Magnet Auto Updater to check for and install updates automatically.

And we’d love to hear your feedback on these changes! Do post your comments here.