Apps Magnet Auto Updater module for activeCollab is now free!

August 3, 2013

What was earlier only available in acGarage Plus – our premium housekeeping, backup and auto update extension for activeCollab, is now available to everyone… And is even free!!

This was a tough call for us. A big reason for people to buy acGarage Plus was the auto update functionality.

activeCollab’s release frequency has increased, and we too have to update and release our modules accordingly.

Everyone wants to stay with the latest versions and they can easily download available updates from our My Account area.

Anyone who does not want to waste time downloading, unzipping and uploading all these modules, will certainly buy the acGarage Plus module.

So if we made it free, it would hurt our business.

We still made it free!!

We don’t want customers to waste their time. They’d better use that working on their projects!

With that ideal, we took the auto update functionality from acGarage Plus and brought it in acGarage Lite. Then we renamed the product to “Apps Magnet Auto Updater”.

The Auto Updater is a free download, and works with both activeCollab 3 and 4.

Download it, unzip and install it to your activeCollab. And that’s the only module you need to manually install.

All new products you purchase from Apps Magnet, and all future updates (assuming the support / update license is valid), can be installed with just one click after this.

Try it today and let us know your reactions!!

We are ready for activeCollab 4!

August 3, 2013

Were you waiting for our modules to be compatible with activeCollab 4?

All our modules are now compatible with activeCollab 4 – that’s 18 modules to be precise.

We have also updated our website to let you easily find / filter on activeCollab 4 / 3 or 2 modules. All modules ship with versions for activeCollab 2, 3 and 4 (as applicable).

Here’s our recommended method to upgrade our modules for activeCollab 4

  1. Update activeCollab 3 to activeCollab 4.
  2. Download the free “Apps Magnet Auto Updater” module.
  3. Download, install and configure “Apps Magnet Auto Updater” module. You will need to enter your Apps Magnet login information, and choose file upload method – Direct PHP, FTP or SFTP.
  4. Click on “Check now for available updates” button.
  5. Once updates are found, click on “Run now” button.
  6. All your modules will be download and updated automatically.
  7. Make sure to reconfigure Permissions settings for modules like Planning / Reports…

Six products updated: Export Projects data, Edit Job Number features added

June 27, 2013

We have released updates for Reports Plus, Tasks Plus, Chronograph, Confidential Items, WordPress activeCollab Connector and Job Number Generator modules.

Overview of new features:

  • Export Project Data (Project Name, Category, Labels, Custom fields and lot more ..) using Reports Plus module
  • Edit Job Number and add job number automatically to existing projects feature added in Job Number Generator module

Also all our products are now compatible with activeCollab 3.3.14.

The easiest way to automatically upgrade all these modules is to using acGarage Plus module.

Please find the change log below.

Job Number Generator 3.0.1

+ Edit Job Number.
+ Automatically add job number for existing projects.
-Leader of a project was not selected in leader's dropdown by default on project edit form.

WordPress activeCollab Connector 3.2.1

- Flyout form was not closed after creating a new Task, Discussion etc.

Tasks Plus 3.4.5

_ Throw "unknown error occurred" error while installing modules.

Reports Plus 3.5.6

- Comma is missing into the dictionary file.

Reports Plus 3.5.5

+ Export Projects data
- Total time of trashed users were also displayed on the project dashboard

Chronograph 3.0.5

+ Show only completed tasks in list for time track.

- Recent items list was not refresh after log time.
- Time was not reset log time.

Confidential Items 3.0.5

- Only users with "Show private object" permission were displayed in assignees list.

Notifications Plus Update: Activity filter for pop up notifications

June 20, 2013

Sometimes we are fed up with too many notifications from activeCollab… At the same time we don’t want to miss important events and activities.

In Notifications Plus, we implemented a system to instantly notify you about all activities within activeCollab and now we are giving you full control over what you see. You can now filter out activities for which you do not want to see pop up notifications. These filters apply to the entire system – all users in activeCollab.

For example, you may want to show notifications only for new comments, task completions and reopens. Activity Filters in Notifications Plus let you do this easily!

Here’s a screenshot of all activities you can filter on.. Click for larger version..

Activity Filter

Notifications Plus activity Filter

Please find the change log below.

Notifications Plus 3.2 [2013/06/20]

+ Now, pop up notifications only show for selected activities. Admin can filter activities from an admin panel.

- Due date email template was not properly formatted.

New activeCollab module – automatic job number generation for projects

June 18, 2013

We are happy to announce our latest activeCollab module – Job Number Generator!!

activeCollab users have asked for a way to automatically generate job numbers many times on the forums. And we are happy we have a solution now! This module can automatically generate unique identification numbers for your activeCollab projects. You can choose a suffix and prefix, and how many digits should the job number have. Whenever a new project is created, the module will automatically pick up the next available number and assign it to the new project.

Project Job Numbers show up everywhere - easy to reference and recall

Project Job Numbers show up everywhere – easy to reference and recall

Learn more about Job Number Generator module

Four modules updated and aC 3.3.12 compatibility

June 6, 2013

Now, you can merge two tasks using Tasks Plus and you can search in comments through Search Plus module. We have just updated four of our modules Tasks Plus, Search Plus, Planning and acGarage Plus. We are also working on aC 3.3.12 compatibility test.

Keep your eye on compatibility status of our products.

Here are the changelogs.

Tasks Plus 3.4.3

+ Add merge two tasks support
+ Now, initial email notification will be sent to subscribers for new support ticket
+ Differentiate Support ticket with normal tasks using icon

- Fix Unknown field "is_support_ticket" in project_objects table.

Search Plus 3.1

+ Search in comments

Planning module for activeCollab 3.2.3

- Fixed filter return empty result for "Include Time" option when subtask is in Assignments list.

acGarage Plus 3.4.7

+ Option added to delete old activeCollab versions from activeCollab directory.

Five modules updated, everything 3.3.10 compatible

May 22, 2013
Update: (23 May) All our modules are activeCollab 3.3.10 compatible now.

We updated Tasks Plus, acGarage Plus, Communications, Planning and Reports Plus modules in last two days.

You may download the latest versions from our My Account area, or automatically upgrade using acGarage Plus.

Here are the changelogs.

acGarage Plus 3.4.6

+ Added "Direct" method for auto upgrade (no need of FTP/SFTP, but via PHP)

Known Issue:
+ When user switches from SFTP to Direct and then back to SFTP, there may be permission issues. Please ensure "owner" for "custom/modules", "custom/auth_providers", "work" and "work/backup_modules" folders is changed to SFTP user if doing so.

Communications 3.1.3

+ Compatible with activecollab 3.3.10
+ Filter Communications based on user and time period
+ Activity logs on Communication created
+ Email notifications to participants on communication creation
+ Status bar badge updates when communication is replied to

- "New Communication" button needs to be clicked twice
-  Strip HTML characters in communication reply
-  Communication was not showing updated details after editing

Tasks Plus 3.4.2

+ Support ticket notifications are sent from mailbox name and email address now

- Completing a task while commenting properly changes the workflow label now

Planning 3.2.2

+Add Estimted and Actual time in assignments list.

Reports Plus 3.5.3

+ CSS changes to avoid style conflict with other modules.
+ Flash version removed.

- Filters were visible to the user regardless of the permissions.
- Time Reports Plus date filter was not showing today's date.
- Time records were not properly aligned while grouping.
- Canceled invoices were not updated in the finance report.
- Only assigned projects will be displayed as legends in people leader board.
- Projects were not accessible when tracking modules is not installed.

activeCollab 3 compatibility status of Apps Magnet products

May 7, 2013

activeCollab is growing and releasing new version very often. We know you all are curious to know about whether all our products are compatible with an latest activeCollab version or not.

So, we’ve created a page where you can check compatibility status of our modules with different activeCollab versions.

Head over to activeCollab 3 compatibility Status page

Compatibility of Apps Magnet modules with activeCollab 3.3.6

April 24, 2013

Update 26th April, 6:40PM GMT

Reports Plus module is also compatible with aC 3.3.6.

PS: Use our acGarage Plus module to get updates about new version of our modules and also do automatic update of our modules and stay up to date.

Limited Time 15% Discount on acGarage PlusBuy it now and save yourself from upgrade hassels!

Update: 25th April, 5:30PM GMT

Reports Plus update is being tested, and will be released soon. Please stay tuned.

Update: 24th April, 9:25PM GMT

  • We have released activeCollab 3.3.6 compatibility updates for Planning, Quick Add Plus, Chronograph, Communications and Tasks Plus modules.
  • We are still updating Time Reports functionality in Reports Plus module and will release an update within 24 hours.
  • All other aC3 modules are compatible with aC 3.3.6.

Excited about the latest activeCollab 3.3? We are too!!

But hold on to upgrading to 3.3.6 just yet. We are completing compatibility check with the latest versions and will announce about compatibility / updates soon. We have tested our modules with developer previews of activeCollab 3.3, but there have been changes with each incremental version, and we are still to complete full testing.

We will update this post with the latest information.

Till then we recommend you do not upgrade to activeCollab 3.3.6 if you are using our modules actively.

Eighteen Products Updated: Compatible with activeCollab 3.3

April 1, 2013

activeCollab 3.3.0 beta was released last week and we have been working hard to make our products compatible with activeCollab 3.3.

As of now all our products are compatible with 3.3.0.

And it felt great to release 18 updates at once… It’s a record for us!!!

Another big news is that Assignments Plus module is now merged with Planning module.

If you purchased Planning module, download the latest version from our My Account area and you can start getting the benefits of assignments plus module too.

If you purchased Assignments Plus module last year, you will be given a prorated store credit in the coming week that you can use on your future purchases. The credit will be adjusted against the product price and the duration you’ve used the product.

And yes, if you only want Assignments Plus, you may continue using it. There will be no further updates to it though. Separate Assignments Plus module only works till activeCollab 3.2.12.  All updates will now go to Planning module.

PS: All our products are also compatible with activeCollab 3.2.12. :-)