Recovering tags lost in upgrading to activeCollab 3

If you are wondering where did all the tags go after upgrading to activeCollab 3, do not worry. They are backed up and you can easily recover them (with a little bit of SQL query magic!)

Here’s a DB query to verify that the tags and their parent items are correct:

select,, po.type, t.tags, t.parent_id 
from acx_project_objects po, acx_tags_backup t
where t.parent_id = and t.parent_type = po.type

Once you have verified this is correct, you can run the following query to append all the tags to the title of the Discussion / File / Task / TodoList…

update acx_project_objects po, acx_tags_backup t
set = concat(, ' [# ', trim(t.tags), ']')
where t.parent_id = and t.parent_type = po.type

You can run the earlier query again to check names have been updated…

The most important part here is “concat(, ‘ [# ‘, trim(t.tags), ‘]’) as name” part. It appends the tags to the name and puts a square bracket around them. If you know a bit of MySQL, you can change this the way you like. You may also want to append tags to the “body” field (description) and not the title.

Once you’ve done this, rebuild the project objects search index from admin so that you can search on these tags.

Hope that helps!